Sprint Sims

arSensa's Agile training includes a simulation, giving partipants the opportunity to practice each of the parts of a sprint. During the simulation the class creates a model of an amusement park or city.

How It Works

Participants are divided into groups, with each team creating a product vision. The class dot-votes to select a single vision that all of the teams work together to build. The simulation includes multiple rounds of requirements elicitation, sizing, User Story writing, and execution. Construction paper or Lego is used to create the models.

After each sprint, new feautres are demoed and then the teams perform a retrospective, analyzing how to improve in the next round. The simulation helps participants better understand the cycles involved in Scrum.

Once Upon A Time

For: the adventurous public
Who: like to experience the past
The: Once Upon A Time
Is A: time travelling experience
That: allows history lovers a unique experience
Unlike: museums or vacation destinations
Our Product: is a one of kind experience where visitors can see the past

Wonder Water

For: Adults over 18 years
Who: need a fun experience
The: Wonder Water
Is A: water park
That: offers fun knowledge on underwater life
Unlike: theme parks on land or aquariums
Our Product: is in the open seas, in a natural habitat with night and day activites, guided tours underwater rides and a floating pub

Toronto Indoor Beach

For: Canadians with limited budget and time
Who: Want a beach vacation during winter without travelling to another country
The: Toronto Indoor Beach
Is A: indoor, climate controlled beach with sand and warm salt water
That: offers a beach, warm weather and is close to home
Unlike: West Edmonton Mall

Floating Paradise

For: Locals and Tourists
Who: Want to socialize, relax and party in water
The: Floating Paradise
Is A: Floating bar and restaurant
That: Is the place to socialize, de-stress and be entertained
Unlike: any other sportsbar or tourist attraction
Our Product: has an added advantage for boaters: no need to go ashore to have fun

Olympic Park

For: the Canadian Public
Who: Support Canadian Athletes
The: Olympic Park
Is A: Amusement Theme Park
That: Motivates athletic competition and supports Canadian Athletes
Unlike: any other theme park
Our Product: encourages involvement and exposure to Olympic sports

Niagara Falls Mist Rider

For: Adventure Seekers
Who: are looking for an unique experience
The: Niagara Falls Mist Rider
Is A: Zipline Activity
That: provides an adrenaline rush
Unlike: a theme park
Our Product: promotes a once-in-a-lifetime experience


For: Adults 20+
Who: want to escape
The: Elements
Is A: Theme Park
That: rejuvenates
Our Product: enables the mature crowd to experience the full spectrum, ranging from relaxation to adrenaline based on the four elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air

Adult Hood

For: Adults 25+
Who: need a place where adults can become kids
The: Adult Hood
Is A: Amusement Park
That: Provides thrills, adventure and allows you to unwind
Our Product: Sells happiness in a bottle while ziplining your worries away

Xtreme Adventure Park

For: People who like theme parks
Who: are thrill seekers
The: Xtreme Adventure Park
Is A: Theme park for adults
That: caters to adults only who like extreme rides and adult activities
Our Product: will be 19+, will have activies like: casinos, bars, nightclubs, spas, skydiving

Jungle Zone

For: Adventurers
Who: desire an outdoor challenge
The: Jungle Zone
Is A: Theme park
That: provides an authentic but safe jungle experience

Zombie Zoo

For: Fans of Zombies
Who: Want to practice and prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse
The: Zombie Zoo
Is A: Tourist Attraction
That: Entertain and allow people to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

Museum of Disposable Cups

For: The Coffee Lover
Who: Are curious about the history of coffee cups
The: Museum of Disposable Cups
Is A: Tourist Attraction
That: Will educate and entertain people who like coffee
Unlike: The ROM that has historically significant exhibits
Our Product: is simple and quick to get through

Jurassic Universe

For: All ages and those young at heart
Who: Are time travellers who want to escape from the real world
The: Jurassic Universe
Is A: Unique entertainment experience
That: Is for the whole family vacation
Unlike: African Lion Safari / Zoos
Our Product: will provide thrills you have not experienced before where you can feed dinosaurs brought to the present, or travel to the past and see them in their natural habitat

Way Cool Roller Coaster Museum

For: Roller Coaster enthusiasts everywhere
Who: Feel the need for speed
The: Way Cool Roller Coaster Museum
Is A: Engineering marvel that is highly interactive for fun lovers and science geeks alike
That: Is an entertaining learning experience
Unlike: A typical Theme Park
Our Product: The best of Roller Coaster history, the technology behind it and state of the art rides


For: Those seeking amusement
Who: Are thrill seeking
The: Westeros
Is A: Adult amusement park
That: Is safe but simulates near death experiences
Unlike: Family friendly parks (no kids)
Our Product: is an adult only environment

Black Diamond Ring of Fire

For: Extreme coaster enthusiasts
Who: want a new adventure
The: Black Diamond Ring of Fire
Is A: roller coaster
That: is the largest in the world
Unlike: "Top Thrill Dragster"
Our Product: is 500 ft tall, goes 200 mph, has 6 cork screws, is at least 10,000 feet long and finishes in under 3 minutes

Crystal Lake Resort

For: Vacationing Families
Who: needs a relaxing getaway adventure
The: Crystal Lake Resort
Is A: All inclusinve lake-side retreat
That: offers parents and chidlren outdoor activies and indoor fun
Unlike: all other resorts that do not offer all inclusive packages
Our Product: includes recreation, food and beverages, free daycare, and an open bar

Offshore Hideaway

For: High net worth, adventurous billionaires
Who: are exploreres, risk takers, sea lovers
The: Offshore Hideaway
Is A: underwater leisure adventure
That: is exclusive
Unlike: aquariums, mini-subs, deep sea diving
Our Product: includes scientific research, mining and a unique experience

Agile Couples Resort

For: Couples
Who: are looking for a romantic getaway
The: Agile Couples Resort
Is A: a couples only high-end resort
That: offers romantic escapes and adventure tours for thrill seekers
Unlike: Sandals who offer a lazy getaway
Our Product: will allow couples to explore their adventurous side day and night

Cloud 9

For: Humans
Who: have been everywhere
The: Cloud 9
Is A: Vacation place on the moon
That: Provides relxation
Unlike: Earth
Our Product: will be pollution free, no greenhouse gas, and will have a space recreational centre, skating rink and waterpark.

Lego Hyperloop

One of arSensa's instructors did team teaching for a CSM course with Dave Sharrock at Agile 42. This version of the course uses Lego and the chosen vision was transportation rather than a city.

For: Citizens of LegoLand
Who: are sick and tired of driving 200km over 3 hours
The: Lego Hyperloop
Is A: transportation mechanism
That: reduces travel time over 200km from hours to seconds
Unlike: LTC (Lego Transit Commission)
Our Product: has free WiFi during teleporting, $0.25 instead of $3.00 flat rates and free coffee at the destination

Pets Paradise

For: Pet lovers
Who: want quality living for their pets
The: Pets Paradise
Is A: Pet City
That: offers a pet friendly environment
Unlike: communities with pet restrictions
Our Product: will offer: pet therapy, pet adoption, entertainment, pet day care, and a "Best in Show"

Floating City of Atlantis

For: Wealthy sport fishermen / sailors
Who: Destination location, water based city without cars
The: Floating City of Atlantis
Is A: Futuristic city
That: has no cars, uses water to generate power and elminates pollution
Unlike: Venice which is sinking; has more sports and is leisure focused
Our Product: is healthy, active and outdoor based


This was from a small class where all three groups came up with similar visions around recycling and sustainability so their visions were merged.


For: Family and small businesses
Who: Seek quality of life
The: Greenville
Is A: Sustainable green city
That: Provides healthy living, energy efficiency and is one with nature
Unlike: New York City (congestion, pollution), Trumpville (the competing team's name)'
Our Product: is affordable and sustainable


For: Active individuals seeking shelter from the zombie horde
Who: See "For"
The: Livetopia
Is A: Gated, secure, self-sustaining community
That: Provides a 99% improvement on not being dead
Unlike: Literally everywhere else
Our Product: is self sustaining with all amenities of a complete city