Consulting Services

arSensa offers a variety of technical and development process improvement services. Our consultants are leaders in their fields. We fill gaps in your organization and provide guidance on creating high performing teams.

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Fractional CTO

All organizations need technical guidance. The Fractional CTO service offers you expertise without the cost of a full-time employee.

Our consultants work with you to help guide your technological choices, give advice when selecting products, perform evaluation of potential hires, and provide architectural oversight for both in-house and off-shore development teams.


arSensa’s approach to custom development is to separate architecture from code delivery. Delivering an architecture as the first step ensures joint understanding of the project, reduces up-front costs, and allows you to better make scoping decisions before delivery begins.

Separating architecture from delivery also allows you to get competitive bids on delivery teams, making you better informed.

Custom Development

arSensa began as a custom software development house and it is still at the core of our being. We have developed applications for businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500. Our collaborative, iterative, client-first approach focuses on the problems you need solving. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality solution on time and within scope.

Let us help you get the software you deserve.

Development Process Improvement

Having the right amount of process is a tricky balancing act. Too much and you bog your organization down. Too little and you put consistent delivery at risk. Let us help you fine-tune your delivery organization.

Whether you are using Agile or Waterfall, or both methodologies, we can help you build better products, reduce waste, and get to market more quickly.

Our services evaluate your development organization and help you improve all aspects of your software lifecycle. We work with you to upgrade your: requirements elicitation and management processes; delivery practices; DevOps and CI/CD pipelines; automation; and testing capabilities.

Our process re-engineering consultants are all former Directors, VPs, and CTOs who have each built multiple technical organizations. We can help you improve your technical teams.

Requirements and Business Process Analysis

Good projects begin with the right requirements. Understanding how to elicit, prioritize, and manage requirements is fundamental to your success.

Our consultants work with you to obtain better requirements as well as improve the processes around them. We ensure your projects have the right requirements and that your procedures for obtaining them are repeatable and sustainable.