arSensa began in 2009 when an IT department was made redundant through acquisition. That team struck out on their own. Our first project was helping our former employers complete their transition. In the early days, most contracts were for web-site and custom software development. Clients came from a wide variety of industries including digital media, mining, software, athletic wear, cosmetics, government, and health care.

As Agile methodologies became more common throughout the software industry, arSensa used what we knew from running efficient development teams to create a consulting practice. Our hands-on knowledge acquired through building software using Agile translated into helping other organizations adopt new processes, improve their speed of delivery and reduce waste.

A key component of lifting-off new Agile teams is ensuring that they have a common vocabulary and understanding of the methodology they’re about to use. This requires training. arSensa formed key partnerships with training organizations to augment our ability to help companies become more Agile. Over the years our training capabilities grew and widened into other areas of the software development life cycle.

Throughout this journey, arSensa’s focus has been on building highly capable teams. Whether we used this focus internally to build better software for our clients, or helped others do this in their own organizations, our guiding principle has always been about getting the right people in the room and giving them the power to get work done.