Agile Mindsets

It has now been 20 years since the Agile Manifesto was published and the iterative delivery concepts upon which it is based have been around since the early days of software. The Manifesto, and associated Twelve Principles, form a philosophical basis for improved processes.

Frequent delivery, short feedback loops, and striving for continuous improvement seem like self evident ideas, yet are so rarely done well.


arSensa’s expertise in Agile came about through practice. Our software development teams have used Scrum and Kanban with many clients on a variety of projects.

We began consulting in the Agile space in 2015, using what we learned in our own company to help other organizations. Our clients range from small companies to internationally recognized brands.

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Transformation Consulting

Being Agile is both simple and hard. The team level concepts can be taught in a few days, but getting it right can be challenging. Attempting Agile at scale is just that much harder. Team processes bump up against established norms. The cultural change necessary to do Agile from top-to-bottom in an organization is difficult and is often the source of backsliding into Waterfall.

Our consultants can help you understand both the micro and macro levels of Agile transformation. We provide services both at the team and organization level. There are no silver bullets. We can help you understand your choices and their impacts, guiding you as you plan, pilot, and execute your transformation.

Whether you are currently Waterfall, W-Agile, or midway through your transformation, we can help you navigate the change.

Executive Leadership Services

Agile transformation requires changes at all levels of an organization. Making change in organizations requires a mix of top-down and bottom-up participation. Leadership decisions impact how the transformation is handled, reacted to, and implemented.

arSensa’s proven Executive Leadership program advises you how to shepherd the cultural change needed and gives you the guidance necessary to decide how and when to make those changes.

We provide you with the tools to improve your organization and enact your transformation smoothly. Our Executive Leadership program includes education and workshops, reporting structure consulting, process flow analysis, and executive coaching. Go from Agile-In-Name-Only to excellent.

Team & Department Coaching

Successful cultural transformation requires the empowerment of your people to carry-out change. Once guardrails have been set by leadership, organic, bottom-up change is the most effective way to transform. There are a variety of Agile methodologies, each with strengths and weaknesses. Improving the efficiency of your teams through Agile transformation requires support.

arSensa’s Agile Coaches start your transformation by educating your teams, then ushering them through the bootstrapping process. We use a tapered guidance approach, being heavily hands-on in the early stages, and reducing the length and frequency of interactions once a team is self sufficient. Our goal is to make ourselves redundant, leaving high performing teams behind.

The rapid pace of Agile requires the adoption of modern engineering approaches. In addition to team coaching, arSensa can also provide you with technical coaching. Automation of testing and deployment greatly reduces risk and changes the dynamic of the teams. Our consultants provide guidance on engineering best-practices and will help your teams take their toolsets to the next level.


As a supplement to arSensa’s Agile Training, we also provide customized workshops. These sessions mix education with deliverables. Your employees spend time with coaches who work with them directly on the challenges that are impacting their everyday experience.

Workshops are available for new Agile teams, Product Owners, Technologists, and Executive Leadership. Our coaches fine tune each workshop based on assessments and interviews ahead of time. Learn how to be more Agile through content tailored to your experience.